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Why should I choose you over other wedding videographers? What makes you different?

Good question! Honestly, I don't consider myself simply a wedding videographer. I see myself as a filmmaker. That's how I was trained and that's where my experience comes from. (My parents say I've been making & editing films ever since I could walk!) For me it's all about QUALITY. Simply put, I pride myself in producing the highest quality wedding films possible. 


Other videography companies shoot multiple weddings every weekend of the year with different crews that are each edited by someone else. Unfortunately, those companies sometimes value quantity over quality. I only book a limited number of weddings each year. I'm always one of the videographers shooting each wedding I book and I edit every single film myself. And I'm always available before & after the wedding to answer any email, phone or text.


When you hire First Look Films, you can feel confident your wedding is the next great unique story I'm excited to tell! (But don't take my word for it, check out our reviews here!)

How many weddings do you shoot each year?

To give each film the individual attention & time it deserves, I only book around 10 weddings per year so please contact for availability!  


What exactly is the highlight film?

The highlight film is a great way to quickly show all your friends and family how awesome your wedding was! The film is posted online on our Vimeo site so that you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter or email. Some videographers don't offer a highlight film, some charge extra for it and others simply give you a quick one-minute "teaser" to wet your appetite for the longer film. I take pride in creating highlight films that stand on their own and truly represent your entire wedding day! You can check out examples here.


I want a Beyonce song for my highlight film. Can you do that?

I could but you'd need to pay for the rights so I could legally post it online. Do you have a few thousand dollars lying around? These days videographers purchase music for online use through legal royalty-free sites where the pricing is affordable. The good news is these sites do have a great library of music that I use for all my films! 


We take pride in choosing the perfect music to fit the exact mood, emotion and personality of your wedding day! While some videographers use the same song over and over, we actually pay more for a one-time use license because we'll never use the same song twice. This helps makes your highlight film even more unique and special! 


What about the feature film? I want to make sure the speeches & the first dance are included.

The feature film includes ALL the big events from the day—fully-edited and mixed with music from your wedding. From the complete ceremony to the grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, speeches, bouquet/garter toss & cake cutting, you can be sure it will include every important moment! 


If you'd like to view a compilation of feature film samples please contact us!


How long will our film be?

That depends on your wedding! Because our feature films include the entire edited ceremony & all the reception speeches the running time is very dependant on how long your weddings runs. 


How long does it take to get our wedding film?

Highlight films are generally posted online within 3-4 weeks after your wedding...sometimes even sooner! This lets you share those incredible wedding memories with all your friends and family when you're still in the midst of wedding euphoria! Final feature films are finished and delivered 2-4 months after your wedding, depending on my workload. We don't want you to wait very long!


What other wedding vendors would you recommend?

Check out some of our favorite wedding vendors here!


What are the most important things to consider when choosing a wedding videographer?

In my opinion the best wedding films are produced by videographers who don't get in the way. We're not hired to create fake moments. We're hired to record your special day in the most visual & cinematic way we can. We're there to capture priceless moments & memories that YOU create! I always recommend doing your homework and watching as many samples from different videographers as you can. Then talk to the videographer and get a feeling for how they work. You'll know it when you watch a wedding film that truly moves you and you'll know it when you find a videographer that you feel comfortable with.Always trust your instincts!  


Okay I'm sold! How do I book you?

Head over to our contact page, send me an email or give me a call at (310) 801-7362!

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